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Key2Print – what actually is it?

For more than six years we develop a web to print software. We are successful in Europe with 200+ implementations. A few days ago I had the opportunity to have a series of interesting meetings where we have talked about what is Key2Print and what Key2Print really offers to the printing houses.
It inspired me to reach out to our roots and answer the basic question in every business – about value proposition.

Key2Print – what actually is it?

Just a few years ago in Key2Print we would say that we are providing web to print solution – but that has all changed.
Today, Key2Print is a software that goes beyond web to print – it supports the entire operation of the printing house using the power of the Internet.

Key2Print is a web-based software that standardizes and enhances the performance of your print business and helps you in areas:

  • E-commerce – This is a new fascinating area that is already existing or can be built into your business;
  • Orders handling – from regular customers and new ones – contractor seeking – by supporting the sales department in submitting offers;
  • Production processes managing – queuing, prioritizing work, handling complaints;
  • Price lists implementation – immediate pricing for customers
  • Cooperation with brokers – resellers module allows you to work with multiple partners at the same time – you print, others sell under their brand
  • Key to new markets – in B2C area – implemented using our mobile application for photo-products

Key2Print will help you improve existing processes and build new ones (i.e. e-commerce). Systems that already work well in your organization can be integrated with Key2Print using the API.

Key2Print also develops a custom solution for companies like yours. Key2Print is a set of tools and a starting point that we extend to your specific business requirements. By using the basic, already built components, we can minimize development costs and project execution time while keeping all the specific business requirements of your business.

K2P is a lot more than just web to print, ask for a demo and learn more.

CEO of Key2Print

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