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Planning W2P system implementation

The implementation of Web to Print system is a big change for a printing house’s business model. And it is important to prepare for it well. That is why we developed a guide to assist you in the implementation of Web to Print. This guide is based on our experience gained during implementation of Key2Print system with our customers.

System implementation requires an individual approach in every company, but we hope that advice collected in the following guide will help you to transfer your business to the Internet smoothly, resulting in a later success.

Step One – Making your team aware of a need to change.

Recent publications about motivation clearly shows that highly motivated team is the one who knows and accepts the vision of the company’s development. Your team must know what and why they are doing. Presenting your employees with a “fait accompli”, giving them dry commands and placing tasks without explaining why, affects their motivation negatively. To properly prepare your team to implement the system you need to clearly explain to them what is the purpose of these changes and what changes will take place in the operation of the company.

Vision of the company development is worth explaining to the employees, it encourages them to actively participate in the implementation. The secret of latest motivational techniques (ie. Motivation 3.0), which lets you achieve good results and satisfaction, is deeply rooted in the human need to manage their own career, learn and create something new and better for them.

Keep in mind that people want to actively participate in the changes – feel needed and involved in the process.

Step Two – Strategy for operating online.

To start operating online, as in every aspect of the company’s organization, we need a strategy. The proper strategy should be based primarily on what and to whom you want to sell to on the Internet. You need to decide: do you want to operate under your original brand, streamline and modernize your service for existing customers and make efforts to attract new with the help of modern tools? Or do you want to create a completely new brand and look for new clients.

You also need to ask yourself a question, if your customers are business, or individual. You should check whether your current business model is adequately prepared to transfer it on-line. Verify as well, if it is compatible with the capabilities of the Web to Print system. Try to plan your future activities online to not lose flexibility in the operation. You must be prepared for the feedback from the market and you need to adapt to it skillfully.

It is extremely important at this stage to begin the creation your marketing strategy: which channels you want to reach customers with, and how you want to position your brand online.

Step Three – Distribution of tasks / responsibilities

In any business, when introducing significant changes to the operation  system, good organization and proper tasks distribution is essential. It is no different in case of Web to Print system implementation. For implementation to go very smoothly, we suggest that you appoint one person that will be responsible for it. Such person should be a link between a Web to Print system provider company and implementation team on your side. Person managing the project should be responsible for the implementation process as well as starting of the system.

Step Four – Preparing the schedule of system implementation.

Now that you know how you want to operate online and who will be responsible for system implementation, you can prepare a schedule of activities. A timetable should include the date, description of tasks and identify of  people responsible for specific tasks.

Step Five – Visual Identity

Adequate planinig of your website graphic design as well as all other elements of your visual identity (logo, fonts, templates, e-mail, advertising materials), will be useful in the future implementation of the system. At this point, it is recommended to contact the provider of Web to Print, so that the prepared visual  materials meet the requirements of the system.

Step Six – Preparation of the online offer

Choosing the right products “to start” is a key element in the preparation of the system implementation. The appropriate offer should be consistent with the strategy of your company and refer to many aspects, such as: competition, costs, innovation and unique products.

Proper preparation of your online offer will be discussed in next blog posts – subscribe now to our newsletter to be up to date.

In our experience, it is best to choose up to 10 products “to start with” and later systematically add new ones, small number of products will allow you to quickly see if they can find clients. You should not impose yourself with too much work at the beginning. When selecting products we recommend you to use the information about your existing customers purchase history.

Systematization of the offer will be crucial for your future customers. It is worth remembering that the extensive and complex offer is not always an asset. Too many features may cause that for the customer it will be harder to make a decision on the purchase. If you plan the structure of your offer badly, your customer can get lost during browsing and exit the system.

In grouping your products the diagram below may be useful. This diagram shows the popular outline for Web to Print systems products grouping.

W2P Implementation graph

Test test test

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a form of insanity.”— Albert Einstein

Activity online requires great business skills from entrepreneurs. You must closely follow trends and customer behavior. Everything so that you define the needs of customers more quickly and fit the offer to them perfectly. Quick response to consumer needs is the key to success of online activities. We encourage you to research and analysis, which often lead to changes in your business model. Only this form of development will allow you to design a business based on the customer expectations.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact us directly. This guide is based on the experience of Key2Print experts.

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