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The appropriate design of your website is a key element of company’s visual identification. It is worth spending a lot of attention to design your website visually. In this post we would like to present few current website design trends. It should be noted that these trends are changing as quickly as fashion, so we present the most recent state for 2016.

Minimalizm – “Less is more”

This is another year in which the minimalist design will dominate. The minimalist design of your website will allow the user to focus on the most important elements and features. It should result in stopping the attention of the user, with his willingness to get the additional information and finally to increase the probability of the conversion, in other words the purchase. Times of stuffing everything on our website are long gone. While preparing the content, you should focus on what is most important for your customer / user. Avoid contents or graphics which can distract your user, instead you should show him the key elements of your offer. Use a minimalist design, in order to lead your user from the entry until he reaches the intended destination. Such a goal may be for the user to place an order, leave his email address, or send a message through the contact form.

The advantages of minimalist design:

Mobile devices

Minimalist design, and therefore exposure of only the most important elements on the website is the best way for easy viewing content on mobile devices. Statistics show that the share of mobile devices browsing the web portals violently and spit in several market segments is in the first position. You cannot ignore this trend and you should design your website taking the described below components into consideration.

Loading website

It is no secret that the speed of loading on your website depends on the amount of information it contained. The minimalist design is useful in reducing the amount of content and images on your page, which will positively impact the loading speed. Upload speed is not only the convenience of using our site, it is also an important element to be taken into account by the algorithms of the search engine Google. Therefore, this has an impact for the positioning of our website in a search engine.


Simple and large font will increase the readability of your website. It will also simplify its use on mobile devices.

Simplified navigation

Minimalist content layout will simplify the website navigation for the user. To illustrate the advantages of minimalist design we will use an example from everyday life. Imagine you are driving a road with dozens of different traffic signs and directions. You do not want your website to look like that. Your website should be designed as a modern highway, few distractions, well planned, with large signs and indicators. Leading straight to the destination.

Grid system cards and tiles

The majority of trends in web design is determined with possibility of simple transferring website content to mobile devices. It is no different with grid tiled or card system content. This presentation of products is easy to transfer to the screen of our mobile phone.

Simple display of products

Grid tiles and cards of products are ideal for presenting them on your page. Most Web to Print systems are designed just for presenting products in grid system. Our task is therefore to ensure the proper look of icons, or images that are displaying products. This will make a beautiful and functional product category pages.

Adapting to trends

In designing the product placement on your website you should take into consideration the latest trends in successful online stores. A large portion of our customers is people which are used to the particular arrangement. Grid system in product placement is found in most online stores. Customers know how to use them and what it is.

Aggregation of products

Grid system for product placement makes it easier to aggregate (combine) them in groups on your website. Later presentation of such groups on your page will be for your customers intuitive and easy to browse. Grid system is also easy to implement and administer.

Prepare your layout for Web to Print implementation

Most Web to Print systems follow trends described above. Using Web to Print is a recipe for modern and adapted to current trends web design platforms.

Prior to designing a graphic layout of your online store we encourage you to familiarize yourself with Key2Print’s exemplary realizations. You can find them below








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