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How to keep visitors on your website?

Since you already encouraged a potential customer to visit your website, you need to make sure not to come out of it empty-handed. The following post will therefore answer the question of how to stop the customer after he enter your website.

Often we post on our blog about the fact that you only have 8 seconds to encourage your customer to stay on your website. Otherwise, you will lose him forever and he is likely to make a purchase at a competitors online store.

Research has clearly shown that the extension of time that user spent on a website increases the number of orders.

A user-friendly design

In a previous post [User Experience in Web to Print – link] we determined the trends and described the specifications of how to prepare the website layout in the Web to Print system. We want, however, point out a few more things:

Avoid distractions

Take care of the appropriate positioning of the most important elements on you website, so that the page navigation will be as simple as possible for the user. Avoid elements that can distract the user. Design your website in order to lead your customer from the entry to the moment of placing the order. Easy and fast way for your customer to place the order will improve your sales results.

“Content is the king”

The phrase “Content is the king,” was first used by Bill Gates in 1996. Since then website design has changed a lot, but the phrase did not become outdated. Content content content, minimalist website design does not mean that we can not add interesting and unique information to it.

Firstly the user

Users are fed up with common and frequently repeated phrases. Make sure that the content on your website is unique. With that you will increase the chances that your website will be memorized by the user. Internet users analyze dozens and sometimes even hundreds of websites in one day. So why would they remember yours? On the one hand, do not be afraid to stand out and, secondly, do not forget about creating the image of your company as an expert in your field.

Make sure that for your website you select only attractive graphics and photos. Properly selected, original photos will increase the awareness of your brand in the eyes of a potential customer. Pay special attention to the pictures or graphics of your products. As you know your customer purchasing decision nowadays lies mostly in the pictures. Most people say that they are proud of their products – why hide them then? Expose them on our website well!

Secondly positioning – quality over quantity

Many companies used to compete for the highest number of linking subpages. Quantity definitely won with the quality of content. Millions of poor quality sites buries Google search results till this day. Fortunately, since 2011, Google has conducted updates of website indexing algorithms and it’s main goal is to expose sites with unique and interesting content. “Panda” update by Google in 2011, began the good fight for a better quality Internet and this struggle continues to this day. Plan for the next updates by Google, including “Penguin” in 2014 is further degrading of websites with poor quality of content.

The credibility of the page

One of the most important factors in demotivating Internet users to shop online is the lack of credibility of e-retailers. How should you take care of the credibility of your website then?

More info about how to build the credibility of your online store in the Web to Print system we will be post in the following entries on our blog – Subscribe now to our newsletter to be up to date.

On-line chat

Despite a well-designed website and a highest quality content on it there will always be customers who would like to find out more information. To simplify the communication what we suggest to you is having a visibile contact phone number on your webstie and implement a on-line chat.

We do not need to convince anyone that good customer service will benefit sales results. One of the most popular solutions to simplify customer service on your website is  chat online. We asked Martin Pajewski, an expert from ZopimPL company, about the advantages of this  solution. Zopim company is one of the leaders in providing software that allows you to easily implement a on-line chat on your website.


chat on-line

  1. Why you should install online chat?

Live chat software is essential for any website or online store that wants to increase their sales and improve customer service. Zopim installation costs nothing, so you have got nothing to lose, you can only gain the chance to try out world’s leading live chat system for free. With this solution you have a chance to talk with each guest on your website, you can see where your visitors coming from and what they are looking for on your website. In addition, live chat has a significant advantage over other channels of communication with customers, such as e-mail or phone, because it is the only one that provides immediate form of contact with multiple customers at once.

  1. What features should online chat have?

Live chat should be, above all, user friendly for both website guests as well as administrators, while at the same time offering wide range of features. Among other things, a very important and useful feature is the ability to integrate live chat with external systems. It is also clear that the main goal that live chat should have is fast and smooth communication with potential customers. This is how Zopim is exactly. The absolute highlight of Zopim will be the integration with the famous Facebook communicator – Messenger. This is the first and only live chat system that will give its users the ability to support customers through the most famous social network.

  1. Is the chat box enough? How best to set it up?

The very presence of a live chat box on the website is already a lot because the website guest feel more comfortable and safer. He knows that if he have questions or problems he can ask the chat consultant and get an immediate reply. But when traffic increases, and the consultants are no longer able to respond to all inquiries, additional help proves to be beneficial. Here come with the help some excellent features, such as shortcuts, triggers, whether the file transfer. Shortcuts allow us to quickly create often emerging issues without having to write them in full each time. Triggers, in turn, are automated messages sent on the basis of pre-defined conditions. It sounds inconspicuous, but their capabilities are really huge.

  1. What times should we be on-line?

Your presence on-line is a very individual matter, because every company operates differently, and what works in one, does not apply in others. Therefore, it is important to spend some time to observe traffic and see when you noteed the most visits on your website. Zopim will help you to analyze that accurately and inform you about any activity on your website. You can also do it simply by Google Analytics. Then you will be able to judge objectively how the traffic on your website looks like and accurately make use of the time you spend on-line.

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